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Tech News iOS users can now use Switch to Android app for non-Pixel phones


Switch to Android iOS App Imagery

  • Google’s Switch to Android app now works for phones that aren’t Pixels.
  • The iOS app will work with any phone running Android 12 or higher.
  • As before, you can transfer iPhone info to your new Android phone using a cable or wirelessly.

For a really long time, Apple has offered an app on the Google Play Store to help Android users switch to iOS. That app — called Move to iOS — didn’t have an official Android equivalent for years. Finally, Google offered a competitor product in April 2022.

However, the official Switch to Android app for iOS only worked for Pixel phones. In other words, you could easily switch from an iPhone to an Android phone, but the only Android phones that worked were Google’s own Pixels. Today, though, that limitation is gone. Now iOS users can switch to any Android phone running Android 12 or higher.

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