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Tech News Official Google Pixel parts are now available from iFixit


Some months back, Google announced that it would be making Pixel replacement parts available through iFixit. Today, iFixit has announced that it is officially carrying parts for the Pixel 2, Pixel 6, and anything in between.

As mentioned prior, authentic parts for Google’s Pixel smartphones will now be available for purchase from iFixit. For the most part, parts are relatively reasonably priced and there is a wide range, from displays to mesh speaker grilles. The company will not only sell parts for replacement or repair, but it will also sell tools.

Those that are adventurous can look through the Google Pixel repair guides and forums, tackling repair projects with confidence. Of course, if you’ve never performed a repair on a smartphone or any other product, it might be better to leave things to a professional and take the product to an authorized repair center.

Google teased its Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro during its Google I/O that took place in May. While these phones are set to arrive sometime later this year, Google has committed to offering parts for any future Google Pixel smartphones that come to be released.

Right to repair is winning​

While repairing your own product used to be a way of life, that slowly changed as products became more complicated. Many argued that there should still be a choice when it comes to repairs and anyone should have the option to fix their smartphone, just as if they would repair their own car. Despite some pushback from companies, some major brands have stepped up this year, giving consumers new options.

Perhaps one of the biggest names is Apple, which debuted its Self Service Repair program in late April. Samsung has also committed to the movement, stating that it will offer parts for repairs by summer. Another notable company is Valve, which offers replacement and repair parts for its Steam Deck and Index VR headset.

Source: iFixit

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