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Tech News There probably won’t be an Android 13L and here’s why


Android 13 stock photos 4

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • There likely will not be an Android 13L.
  • Android 13 is API level 33 and Android 14’s API level appears to be 34.
  • Google is likely skipping 13L because the features of 12L are already incorporated into Android 13.

In October 2021, Google launched a semi-surprising point upgrade to Android 12. Launched as Android 12L, the new version of the operating system offered enhanced features for devices with large displays. Tablets and foldable phones, in particular, saw new features and support from 12L.

However, you shouldn’t expect Google to repeat this strategy in 2022. According to Google’s own code, there likely will not be an Android 13L.

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