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Tech News Microsoft starts rolling out the WebView 2 Runtime to Windows 10 users


Microsoft has announced that it’s now rolling out the WebView 2 Runtime, based on the Chromium-powered version of Edge, to users on Windows 10. Microsoft introduced WebView 2 a while back, but it wasn’t included in Windows 10 itself, though it does ship with Windows 11.

Until now, if developers wanted to develop an app that used WebView 2 to display web content, they would have to package the WebView 2 Runtime with their app. This could be a bootstrapper installer, which installs the runtime for the entire OS and keeps it updated, or a fixed version, which was more suitable to ensure compatibility with the features the app offers. However, this was additional work for developers.

When the rollout of the WebView 2 Runtime for Windows 10 completes, developers no longer have to worry about packaging it in their apps, and they can safely expect PCs with supported versions of Windows to also have the runtime installed. The rollout is targetting the Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803) or later, so that should cover the majority of Windows 10 devices. Microsoft says the rollout should have “minimal impact” on the available disk space on your machine, so that shouldn’t be a concern.

It’s worth mentioning that this rollout is only targetting consumer devices, though. That means Windows 10 Home and Pro editions, as long as they’re not enrolled and managed by an organization (particularly referring to Pro editions). Similarly, Enterprise SKUs aren’t included, at least for now. Microsoft says it’s evaluating future rollout plans, but for the time being, only consumers can benefit from this.

Microsoft didn’t say how exactly this rollout is taking place, nor how long we should expect it to take for the rollout to be completed. Still, this is good news for developers creating web-based apps, since they’ll be able to target more versions of Windows with the same WebView 2 runtime. It should also improve the experience for consumers that use these apps.

Source: Microsoft

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