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Tech News Steam Deck shipments more than doubled for upcoming pre-orders


Good news for those patiently waiting for a Steam Deck. Valve has announced through its Twitter account that it has finished the last batch of Q2 shipments and is on track to begin shipping its Q3 reservations. In addition, Valve has revealed that it will also be shipping more than double its previous pre-order volume each week in Q3 2022.

Those who reserved a Steam Deck and are in the Q3 2022 reservation window can expect an email from Valve starting June 30. On top of this exciting news, the company has indicated that the production of the device has “picked up.” This means that going forward, the company will be shipping more than double the amount of consoles every week during the third quarter of 2022.

While optimistic, the company does state to be patient, as it will take some time for the wave of Q3 emails to go out. Naturally, if you are anxious and can’t wait, you can always log in to your Steam account to check the status of your reservation. Although this is great news for those that pre-ordered the device, there is still no word about the Steam Deck Docking Station that was delayed due to a parts shortage. Hopefully, Valve will shed more light on this soon.

Valve has made strides with its console, offering new Windows drivers, despite its stance on loading unsupported operating systems on its console. The firm has also partnered with iFixit, just in case you need to repair your device, it now offers official replacement parts. Furthermore, it has updated its firmware to version 3.2, bringing improvements to fan controls, refresh rate, and frame rate controls. Finally, the firm has continually increased compatibility with its existing game library. If you still haven’t ordered your Steam Deck due to the shipping delays, you might want to order it right away if you want to get it in time for the holiday season.

Source: Steam Deck (Twitter)

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