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Tech News Samsung Dream Class 2.0 helps students find their career paths


Figuring out a career path early on in life can be daunting, but Samsung is trying to make this an enjoyable and educational experience through its Dream Class 2.0 program.

The company recently gave middle school students in South Korea a chance to sit with Samsung engineers and learn more about their professions.

Samsung Electronics invited 25 students from Cheorwon Middle School in Gangwon Province to meet with its engineers and ask questions about their jobs and responsibilities in hopes that their future career decisions will be clearer. (via KoreaTimes)

Not everyone is gunning for a high-tech job​

Dream Class 2.0 is a part of Samsung’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) educational programs designed to help students along and offer career paths. However, not every student wants to work in IT or develop AI. Some students invited to Dream Class 2.0 said they wanted to be doctors, bakers, white hat hackers, baseball players, and content creators. And some students don’t like to think much about their future careers yet.

According to a Samsung MX division mentor, “it’s great for [students] to have a specific dream, but I don’t want everyone to feel pressured to have one right now. I think the pressure to answer the question regarding their future dream and sticking to it can rather narrow their vision and path.”

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