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Tech News YouTube Music optimizes its album UI for Android tablets


During the I/O event 2022, Google announced that it would be optimizing its Android apps for big-screen devices, such as Android tablets. A few weeks ago, Google rolled out the Android tablet-optimized UI for the YouTube Music app. Fast forward to now, that redesigned UI is now heading over to the album view within the app.

According to the screenshot shared by a Reddit user, the YouTube Music album view redesign contains a lot of elements that will look much better when you use a big-screen device. Notably, when in portrait mode, the YouTube Music app shows the name of the artist, type of media (album), and release date of the song/album at the top. Album art has been increased in size, and its background now contains a blurred image of the album art. Right below the album art, you will see the name of the album/song, and description.

There are some quick controls below the album name and description. This includes download, add to library, play, share, and the menu button. In landscape mode, the list of songs appears on the right, with all the information about the album, etc., appearing on the left side. There is a FAB (Floating Action Button) at the bottom-right corner for shuffling songs when you scroll down.

However, the Reddit user who is probably the first one to receive this YouTube Music album view redesign says that the new album UI does not apply to the uploaded music. The availability of this redesign seems to be limited at the moment.

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