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Tech News Should Apple M2 iPads worry the Pixel Tablet crowd?


Apple iPhone logo macro

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Apple is forging ahead with its custom-silicon efforts, announcing its next-generation Apple M2 chipset at WWDC 2022. While initially heading to a new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, it surely won’t be long until an M2-powered iPad Pro and iPad Air arrive as well. The new iPad Pro model is rumored to launch as soon as fall 2022, although it may not be available to buy until later.

iPads are already the best tablets in the business and the M2 poses an even bigger purchasing conundrum for those looking forward to the Google Pixel Tablet, which isn’t set to launch until sometime in 2023. Not only will the new iPads likely be available to buy sooner, but they’re shaping up to be far more powerful than anything Google could hope to put on the market.

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