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Tech News SamMobile Podcast Episode 12: Galaxy Watch 5 prices, ISOCELL HP3, 3nm SoCs


It’s Friday again, and we have another SamMobile Podcast episode going live to recap the latest Samsung news at the end of the week. A lot has happened now that we’re getting closer to the big Unpacked event, so let’s jump right in.

For SamMobile Podcast Episode 12, our host Benjamin Aboagye is joined by special returning guest George Chachanidze from @Snappy-Tech. The main topics for this week’s episode are Galaxy Watch 5 Pro prices, the new ISOCELL HP3 camera, and Samsung starting to manufacture 3nm GAA chipsets soon.

Join us for Episode 12 to hear our thoughts on Samsung’s “Pro” smartwatch having a higher price and the new, seemingly downgraded ISOCEL HP3 sensor. Will it be used by the Galaxy S23 flagship series? And speaking of which, could the Exynos 2300 chipset enter mass production this month?

Find out more in Episode 12. As always, you can catch us on YouTube and Spotify every Friday and join the conversation around the latest topics in the world of Samsung. Things are heating up ahead of the next Unpacked event, which, rumor has it, should take place on August 10.

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