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Tech News Fitbit adds a new feature and quirky fun to its already stellar sleep tracking


The Fitbit Sense is among the devices Fitbit will be rolling Sleep Profile out to in July.

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority
  • Fitbit has introduced Sleep Profile, a detailed monthly analysis of users’ sleep patterns.
  • The feature is accessible to Fitbit Premium users with a Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Charge 5, Luxe, or Inspire 2.
  • Eligible users will receive their first Sleep Profile during the week of July 4.

We already had Fitbit earmarked as one of our favorite wearable lineups for accurate sleep tracking. Today, the brand announced it’s raising its own bar with a new feature for Premium users. Sleep Profile will dive deeper than ever before into users’ sleep metrics to find patterns, analyze behaviors, and help you catch more ZZZs.

The new Sleep Profile aims to give users insight into their key data points and combine those measurables into a digestible, month-long evaluation. Among the ten metrics the feature tracks are a few brand new to Fitbit: sleep schedule variability, time before sound sleep, and disrupted sleep. The feature also taps into a few familiar metrics as well, such as sleep duration, restfulness, and REM sleep. For each of these items tracked, Fitbit will show users where they fall compared to ideal ranges.

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