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Tech News Low demand could leave Samsung with large smartphone stock problem


samsung galaxy a53 cameras

Credit: Ryan Haines / Android Authority
  • Samsung is reportedly struggling to offload stock amid a slowing smartphone market.
  • The company may have nearly double the number of devices than normal lying unsold at global distributors.
  • The bulk of these products is apparently Galaxy A series models.

It’s difficult to be a smartphone shopper, especially as the rising cost of living bites hard. But manufacturers aren’t exempt from the knock-on effects. According to a new report, Samsung may have as many as 50 million smartphones in global distributor stocks just waiting to be sold.

Samsung may have overestimated consumer demand when it set a 2022 production target of 334 million at the end of last year. However, the unexpected slowdown has forced the company to drop targets to 270 million, per The Elec‘s source. With that revision, the company may have nearly 20% of its annual production stocks just sitting at distributors. In this case, a more normalized figure would be around 10% or 27 million devices.

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