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Tech News Samsung Galaxy S23 could finally bring about a front camera upgrade


While a lot of smartphone makers are pushing front-facing cameras with higher resolution sensors, Samsung hasn’t actually really done much on that front. For example, the last upgrade to the selfie cam was back in 2019 with the Galaxy S10 that increased it from 8MP to 10MP.
Since then, the company has kept the same front-facing camera on the base Galaxy S-series (the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a 40MP selfie cam). The good news is that if you were hoping for an upgrade, Samsung could finally oblige in 2023 with the Galaxy S23 where the company might upgrade the camera to a 12MP shooter.


Granted, it still isn’t the beast of a sensor found in the Galaxy S22 Ultra model, but we suppose it’s still better than nothing. We know we have said this in the past where megapixels aren’t everything, but since front-facing cameras are primarily used for video calls or selfies, having a higher-resolution can benefit it a lot more.

Nothing is confirmed yet because the report claims that Samsung is apparently “considering” it, so there is a chance it might not make the cut. Either way, we’re still quite a long ways off from officially hearing about the Galaxy S23, so take it with a grain of salt for now.

Source: GalaxyClub.nl

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