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Tech News Samsung’s mid-range handsets are apparently not selling very well


Samsung is pretty much the biggest smartphone vendor in the entire world. Unfortunately, it seems that despite being so big and popular, the company is reportedly struggling to sell its phones. This is according to a report out of Korea which claims that Samsung is apparently sitting on unsold inventory of over 50 million units.
The report says that Samsung has about 50 million units stuck in distributor stock, meaning that they are sitting idle in the inventory of Samsung’s distributors unsold. What’s also interesting about this report is that the majority of the unsold phones are Samsung’s mid-range Galaxy A-series.

You would think that Samsung’s higher-end and more expensive devices like the Galaxy S22 series or Galaxy Z Fold or Flip series would be more affected, but if this report is accurate, that isn’t the case. Samsung’s Galaxy A-series has always represented pretty good value for money, which suggests that it could be that the people who typically buy these mid-range handsets could be greatly affected by the current economy than those who have the means to buy a high-end flagship.

Samsung is also said to have scaled back on its production, where instead of putting out 20 million smartphones a month, they have since cut down to about 10 million a month. Whether or not Samsung will be able to sell off the current inventory remains to be seen, but this can’t be good news for the firm.

Source: SamMobile

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