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Tech News Daily Deal: Buy the Samsung T7 Portable SSD 1TB for 18% off


Need some external storage? Look no further than the Samsung T7 Portable SSD. This versatile SSD has been developed to provide blazing fast read and write speeds with exceptional durability. Not many can hold a candle to the performance that this product provides.

The Samsung T7 Portable SSD boasts read and write speeds of over 1,000 MB/s respectively on devices that support USB 3.2 gen 2. It even has advanced heat control technology that prevents the SSD from overheating by slowing down data transfer automatically if required.

Normally priced at $139.99, you can now buy the 1TB Samsung T7 Portable SSD from Amazon for just $114.99. That’s an 18% discount on the device, making this a very good deal.

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