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Tech News Galaxy Z Fold 4 display crease looks better than Z Fold 3’s in leaked photo


Samsung’s foldable smartphone displays have improved with every new generation, but the company has yet to get rid of the visible crease. However, word on the street is that the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 will bring further improvements and have a less prominent display crease than the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

This incremental upgrade to the inner foldable display appears to have been captured on camera and shared on Twitter (via @UniverseIce).

To the left, we have the crease of the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s foldable display. To the right, the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s panel is allegedly captured from a similar angle and seemingly exhibits a less prominent crease.

Unfortunately, the rest of the phone isn’t visible, and the photos are a bit too blurry to draw a definitive conclusion. But they are lending some credibility to the idea that Samsung is improving its foldable display technology and UTG substrate to have a smoother surface.

Samsung could unveil the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 on August 10 and release the devices a couple of weeks later. So, there’s still plenty of time left to find out exactly how less prominent the new foldable display crease might be. Indeed, the upgrade should apply to both phones, so stay tuned whether you’re a fan of the book-style foldable or the classic clamshell form factor.

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