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Tech News Nothing will be auctioning off 100 units of the Nothing Phone (1)


Nothing will be officially unveiling their phone on the 12th of July, that much has been confirmed. But in the past week, the company has actually shown off the handset at the Art Basel event held in Switzerland, and now it seems that if you have the cash to spare, you can actually own the phone earlier than everyone else.
This is because Nothing has announced that on the 21st of June starting at 1400 BST, the first 100 serialized units of the Nothing Phone (1) will be auctioned off on DropX in collaboration with StockX. This auction is expected to last 48 hours and will run until the 23rd of June at 1400 BST.


The proceeds of the auction will be put towards a community managed fund, but exactly how much will be raised is unclear since it will depend on how much people are willing to bid on the phone. It is also unclear when those who win the auction will get the phone and if they might get it earlier than everyone else or if they’ll have to wait for the official release.

The company notes that all the official details will still be revealed at the event on the 12th of July, so this auction will simply sell off the first 100 serialized units and nothing more. For those who have yet to register for the Nothing (event), you can do so via the company’s website and will be notified when the event is about to go live.

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