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Tech News These are the best docks to use with your MacBook Air (2022)


Apple revealed the redesigned MacBook Air (2022) along with macOS Ventura during WWDC22’s main keynote. This latest addition to the Mac lineup has a lot to offer. For starters, it packs the new M2 chip — which means apps for Apple silicon will perform best on it. Additionally, it got a chassis overhaul that reintroduces the MagSafe charging port and comes in four finishes. In addition to the classic Space Gray and Silver, we now have Midnight and Starlight color options. As you might know, the redesign on the MacBook Pro 2021 models introduces a wide variety of ports. Considering the MacBook Air targets average users, rather than Pros, it sadly retains the same ports from the previous-gen model. The only new addition is the MagSafe 3 charging port. These are the best docks to use with your MacBook Air (2022) so you can further utilize its power through wired accessories.

  • Anker Docking Station

  • 13-in-1​

  • This docking station from Anker takes your MacBook Air M2 to the next level by providing 13 additional ports. These include SD card, ethernet, and USB-A support.

  • Plugable Docking Station

  • 11-in-1​

  • This versatile 11-in-1 docking station includes HDMI, DVI, microphone, headphone, and half a dozen USB-A ports. It's particularly useful if you seek a DVI port, as these are going extinct.

  • CalDigit TS3 Plus Dock

  • 15-in-1​

  • This beast offers 15 ports, including USB-C, ethernet, SD card, and more. While it mentions that it supports 2 external displays, keep in mind that the M2 limits you to 1 only.

  • Anker USB C Hub

  • 7-in-1​

  • This dock is more compact than the previous, gigantic stations. It includes HDMI, SD card, USB Type-C and Type-A ports, and more.

  • Dockteck USB C Hub

  • 7-in-1​

  • This compact dock also comes with 7 ports. It supports 4K external displays, SD cards, ethernet, USB Type-C, and more.

  • UtechSmart Docking Station

  • 12-in-1​

  • This medium-sized docking station offers 12 ports, including ethernet, VGA, HDMI, USB Type-A and Type-C, in addition to more.

The MacBook Air (2022) only has two Thunderbolt 4 ports, a headphone jack, and a MagSafe 3 port — so buying docks for it might be essential. If you usually rely on wireless or cloud solutions, then docks might not be for you. However, if you tend to connect all sorts of different hardware to it, you might find yourself limited when depending on what’s included in this Mac by default.

If I personally had to choose one of these docks for my MacBook Air M2, I would likely go for the Anker USB C Hub. It is slim, has a bit of everything, and comes from a reputable manufacturer. Ultimately, I don’t depend much on wired connections — as most of my tasks are easily doable through the cloud and other wireless tools integrated into my devices.

  • Apple MacBook Air (2022)

  • The 2022 MacBook Air offers the M2 chip and a redesigned chassis with MagSafe support. Best Buy can notify you when it's available.

Which of these docks will you be buying for your Apple MacBook Air (2022), and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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