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Tech News Google Messages to utilize swipe gestures


Users will most likely be able to further tailor how Google Messages processes messages in a future version. It will allow users to customize how swipe actions function in the app.
Users can currently archive a communication simply swiping it left or right from the inbox in Google Messages. At the present, it’s a somewhat limited experience, although 9to5Google has identified a new feature which allows users to customize how this actually occurs when users swipe from one side to the other.


Image Source : 9to5Google

9to5Google spotted a different “Swipe actions” setting when digging through the APK. By swiping left or right from the inbox, users can opt to archive or delete a message based on the description. The swiping action can also be disabled.


Image Source : 9to5Google

If this sounds familiar, that’s because Gmail has a similar feature, but it’s a little more advanced. Gmail allows users to mark messages as read or unread, move them from another folder, and snooze notifications, but Google Messages appears to have only three options.

While not every Gmail feature will work with Google Messages, it’d be interesting to see some of other features transfer to the messaging app. Regardless, it’s great that Google is now allowing greater user personalization in Messages.

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