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Tech News Samsung Pay users report that the app no longer works on non-Samsung phones


Recent reports from Samsung Pay users reveal that the app no longer works on non-Samsung devices. The disgruntled users claim that the app used to work well on their non-Samsung devices up until a few weeks ago, but it now displays an “ID not valid” error when signing in on a non-Samsung device.

Although Samsung has a history of limiting certain features to its devices, Samsung Pay was one of the few exceptions. The payments app supported non-Samsung devices, and it even let Galaxy Watch 4 users make payments when connected to a non-Samsung phone. Sadly, though, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

According to recent reports on Reddit and the Samsung Community forums (via SamMobile), Samsung Pay users who do not have access to a Galaxy smartphone can no longer log into the app. Affected users say the app now returns the aforementioned “ID not valid” error. In response to queries, Samsung’s customer support has reportedly noted that Samsung Pay will no longer work on non-Samsung devices. But that seems unlikely, as Samsung would’ve made a public announcement before making such a huge change.

Screenshot of login error in Samsung Pay.

Screenshot: Fatih on Samsung Community

It’s interesting to note that even though affected users are no longer able to sign into Samsung Pay, they can still log into their Samsung accounts using the same ID. This leads us to believe that the change could be a result of a bug, but we don’t have any evidence to support this claim. We expect Samsung to make an announcement regarding the issue in the coming days, and we’ll make sure to let you know as soon as that happens.

The change could be a result of the recent introduction of Samsung Wallet — a comprehensive digital wallet app that gives Galaxy users access to Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass features in one place. Unlike Samsung Pay, the Samsung Wallet app is exclusive to Galaxy smartphones.

Are you able to log into your Samsung Pay account on a non-Samsung smartphone? Does the app let you make payments using a connected Galaxy Watch 4? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Reddit, Samsung Community
Via: SamMobile

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