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Tech News T-Mobile customers get 5GB of free high-speed roaming data and unlimited in-flight internet


After tackling home internet last month with its Un-carrier event, T-Mobile is looking to strengthen and expand its overseas and in-flight service offerings with its new Coverage Beyond initiative. The new promotion will improve its Simple Global offering, delivering small but welcome changes like free high-speed data in over 210 countries and free unlimited in-flight internet connectivity.

High-speed internet in over 210 destinations​

T-Mobile’s Simple Global plan was an excellent perk when it was introduced in 2013, but since that time, the wireless landscape has changed drastically, and so have its wireless customers. Because of this, T-Mobile is now improving its Simple Global package for users on its Magenta MAX and Business Unlimited Ultimate plans, giving them 5GB of high-speed internet in over 210 destinations.

T-Mobile is also bumping up the minimum internet speed at each of its supported destinations from 128kbps to 256kbps. It will also offer an added perk for its Business Advanced and Ultimate plan customers, giving them access to a Secure Wi-Fi mobile app, which will protect their data when connecting to a public hotspot.

Mike Sievert, CEO, T-Mobile states:

“Our mission is to be the best in the world at connecting customers to their world, and that means making sure your phone just works wherever you go – even if you travel beyond our signal. We pioneered coverage in-flight and abroad, and today we’re going full throttle to change the game again. This is what the Un-carrier does – hunts down pain points, smashes them, and changes the game for good.”

T-Mobile previously offered free in-flight service but it was limited to a certain amount of time and had a lot of restrictions. T-Mobile is improving its in-flight internet service starting on June 21, giving subscribers unlimited internet access on flights while flying U.S. airlines like Delta, American, and Alaska Airlines initially. United Airlines will come later. This will also include streaming video, which means you won’t have to be stuck with just relying on in-flight entertainment.

Again, this perk will apply to those on T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX and Business Unlimited Ultimate plans. If that wasn’t enough, T-Mobile will offer its customers a year of AAA service for free through its T-Mobile Tuesday app. That means you will be able to get 24-hour roadside assistance for free just by being a T-Mobile customer.

Source: T-Mobile

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