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vBulletin Mobile Suite 2.8 is available.


Staff member
<h1>vBulletin Mobile Suite 2.8 Changes</h1>
<p>Mobile Suite 2.8 is available to be built via the Mobile Publisher. Mobile Suite 2.8 adds support for Android 12, Display Name Support, viewing attached images within Blog posts, and Social Group creation.</p>
<h2>Resolved Issues</h2>
<li>Support Android 12</li>
<li>Add Social Group Creation - General Settings</li>
<li>Support Displayname</li>
<li>Profile - UI - Texts are cut off in the My Profile page</li>
<li>Scroll - Scrolling to the bottom of the page doesn't load the posts from the next page</li>
<li>Displayname - The displayname is incorrect in the Articles page</li>
<li>Blogs - Blogs don't display attached images</li>
<li>Messages - Messages cannot be sent while using the displayname in the Recipients field.</li>
<li>Compile iOS app in Xcode 13 (iOS ITMS-90901 warning)</li>
<li>Expand private message input box for long messages</li>
<li>Cannot pull up to reload a short Private Message Thread</li>
<li>Social Group Edit</li>
<li>My Group list should sort by Title ascending</li>
<li>Activity - Displayname - UI - Texts are cut off in the Activity page.</li>
<li>Friend Request - The loading spinner is not dismissed automatically.</li>
<li>Lacking a space among words in some phrases</li>
<li>Message - Lack messages when there's no message under INBOX and SENT tabs</li>
<li>Message - Improve re-selecting the recipient field</li>
<li>Display proper error message for "listignoreuser"</li>
<p>If the Mobile Suite is not available in your language, you can help by providing translations. In order to do this, please see this <a href="https://forum.vbulletin.com/node/4411484">topic</a> in the vBulletin Support forums.</p>

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