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Tech News Japanese airline reminds us that a Galaxy Z global rebranding is due


Japanese airline Zipair is removing the “Z” logo from the side of its planes to avoid being associated with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Samsung took similar steps to rebrand its products earlier this year, although not to the same extent.

The letter “Z” was adopted by the Russian military during the ongoing invasion of Ukraine, presumably to distinguish its troops. Supporters of the Ruso-Ukrainian war have also borrowed this symbol on social media platforms and offline.

Meanwhile, several companies that are seemingly against Putin’s regime have tried to distance themselves from the letter Z and make their message clear.

So far, Samsung has only taken half measures. The company rebranded its Galaxy Z line of foldable smartphones in a few Baltic countries earlier this year for this same reason. The former Soviet bloc countries aren’t too thrilled about the Ukrainian invasion, and Samsung may have felt like the letter Z could hurt foldable phone sales in this region.

But other companies, like Zipair (via TheJapanTimes), have disassociated themselves from the letter Z globally rather than in select markets where the political landscape is perhaps more reactive to such changes.

Samsung’s approach to removing the Z brand only in a few markets seems a bit too cynical. And with more companies disassociating themselves from the symbol globally, Samsung may want to consider doing the same.

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