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Tech News Rumor: Samsung could be ending Fan Edition phone line


Samsung Galaxy logo

Credit: Kris Carlon / Android Authority
  • A shaky rumor suggests there could be no Samsung Galaxy S22 FE — or any new FE phones.
  • Samsung could be shelving the line because of portfolio confusion.
  • The rumor is shaky, though, so don’t take it to the bank just yet.

In 2020, Samsung blew us away with the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. It offered most of the important specs of the $999 Galaxy S20 smartphone while slashing the price down to just $699. It was one of our favorite phones of the year.

The Galaxy S21 FE, though, was less welcome. With the Galaxy S21 landing at just $799, the $699 price of the Fan Edition model just wasn’t enticing enough, especially for the sacrifices you needed to make. There is a chance Samsung could earn back trust with the expected Samsung Galaxy S22 FE — however, a new rumor says that phone might not be coming.

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