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Tech News YouTube now allows creators to add corrections to their videos


Sometimes during the editing process of a video, creators can get too involved and might gloss over mistakes that are more obvious to a third-party, like their viewers. Or maybe a creator made a factual error or said something they shouldn’t have. When that happens, creators usually need to take the video down and reupload it again.
The problem with that is the in the process, they lose the views that they had on the video as well as any engagements, which can be detrimental to a video’s popularity. The good news is that YouTube has since announced a new feature that they’ll be bringing to its platform called “Corrections”.

Basically what this does is that it allows creators to make corrections to their video by adding updated details to the video or to the description of the video. This will appear as info cards located at the top right-hand corner of a video based on the timestamp that the correction appears, so viewers will have more context as to what was being corrected.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t actually edit the video. For some creators, it might not be necessary for them to take a video down and reupload it. It could be a simple error like mentioning the wrong launch date of a product, or mentioning a wrong name of a food or item, and so a simple correction like this can help them keep their video up while informing viewers of the change.

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