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Tech News We could see a USB C port on the upcoming affordable iPad


The iPad is a great device for plenty of different tasks. Whether you’re looking for media consumption, gaming, reading, writing, or light working/studying — this versatile device can handle most average user tasks. Of course, it won’t replace many people’s laptops for the time being, especially power users’. However, it’s slowly transitioning from a stretched-out iPhone to a Mac-like product. This is especially apparent in iPadOS 16 — which supports resizable app windows on M1 iPads. While Apple has overhauled the higher-end models from the inside out in recent years, the affordable iPad remains neglected. Yes, it receives annual upgrades usually. However, it still features the classic ancient chassis from olden days and, of course, Cupertino’s beloved Lightning port. The good news we’ve all been waiting for is that Apple could be switching to USB C on the upcoming affordable iPad.

If the rumors are in fact accurate, Apple could stop selling iPad models with Lightning ports this fall. The affordable iPad is the only model that still settles for the inferior port. This makes sense, considering it costs $329. The company is clearly more focused on the higher-end versions — which tend to have more demanding, Pro customers.

Apart from ditching the Lightning port, the iPad 10 could go for a larger 10.5-inch display — a slight increase from 10.2 inches. This makes us believe that we might also see other design changes — including the potential retirement of the physical home button. Ultimately, even for an adorable device, the iPad 9 looks very outdated in our modern world. We certainly hope Apple follows the same design language it has applied on the iPad Air.

Lastly, the iPad 10 could pack the A14 Bionic chip — which powers the iPhone 12 lineup. While Apple has brought the M1 chip to the latest Air model, we certainly don’t see that happening on the affordable one anytime soon — if ever.

Do you plan on buying the affordable iPad 10? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: 9to5Mac

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