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Tech News How to migrate WhatsApp chat history from Android to iPhone


In the past, migrating your chat history from iOS to Android and vice versa would be near impossible unless you’re willing to pay for third-party software, which may or may not work sometimes.
Recently, WhatsApp started to address that issue by making it easier for iPhone users to transfer their chat histories to their Samsung Android phones. Now it looks like the ability to transfer from Android to iPhone is here, and if you’re looking to make the jump from Android to iPhone and want to bring your WhatsApp chat history with you, here’s how.

Before you get started​

According to WhatsApp, Android users who want to transfer their chat history from Android to iPhone will need to meet some criteria in order for it to work. This includes:

  • Android OS Lollipop, SDK 21 or above, or Android 5 or above installed on your Android device
  • iOS 15.5 or above installed on your iPhone
  • Move to iOS app installed on your Android phone
  • WhatsApp iOS version or above on your new device
  • WhatsApp Android version or above on your old device
  • Use the same phone number as your old phone on your new device

Users will also need to ensure that their iPhones are factory new or have been factory reset, and that both devices will also need to be plugged into a power source and be connected to the same WiFi network. Assuming you meet those requirements, here are the steps.

Migrate WhatsApp chat history from Android to iPhone​

  1. Launch the Move to iOS app on your Android device and follow the onscreen instructions
  2. Your iPhone will prompt you for a code which should be displayed on the app on your Android device
  3. Tap Continue and follow the prompts
  4. On the Transfer Data screen, select WhatsApp
  5. Tap START on your Android phone and wait for the data to be exported
  6. Tap NEXT on the Move to iOS app
  7. Tap CONTINUE and wait until the Move to iOS app confirms that the data transfer is complete
  8. Download WhatsApp onto your iPhone
  9. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and sign into your account using the same number you previously used on your Android phone
  10. Tap Start when prompted and wait for the process to be completed
  11. Once your device has been activated, you should now be able to see all your chat history from its last backup

Keep in mind that the current chat history you just transferred from your Android phone to iPhone isn’t in the cloud yet. It will only be uploaded to iCloud the next time WhatsApp backs up your chat. Your Android device will also still hold all your old data so you can always refer back to it unless you delete the app or factory reset your Android phone.

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