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Tech News Motorola’s new deal roundup offers up to $1000 off


If you or someone you know are in the market for a new smartphone, Motorola’s current Father’s Day and Graduation sale might offer just what you’re looking for. Motorola is currently running a promotion that offers many of its smartphones at a discounted price. The company even has a promotion on its foldable Razr smartphone, which knocks $1000 off the original retail price.

To be fair, some of these discounts seem a bit exaggerated, with Motorola offering “deep” price reductions off of the phone’s original MSRPs, which gives the illusion that these are truly great deals. But, that’s just a small nitpick and Motorola really is trying to clean house by offering discounts on over a dozen of its phones.

If you’re trying to go for the cheapest option, the Moto G Pure is on sale for $129.99. A good mid-range device will be the Motorola Edge, discounted to $299.99. Finally, if you need something top of the line, the Motorola Edge+ gets a small discount, coming in at $899.99. As mentioned before, there are lots of choices, so be sure to head to the website and look through each option carefully.

While these handsets offer something for everyone, the more discerning will most likely want to keep an eye out for Motorola’s upcoming Frontier which will tout a 200MP camera sensor. Motorola also plans to offer a follow-up to its popular foldable, with the Razr 3 expected to arrive sometime in the summer.

Of course, this can all seem quite confusing, so if you’re not quite sure what kind of phone you are looking for, be sure to check out our guide on some of the best options available. Motorola’s Dads and Grads sale will end on June 20, so if you are in the market for a new smartphone, be sure to check out the site soon.

Source: Motorola

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