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Tech News Nothing offers the tiniest sneak peek of its upcoming smartphone


We know that Nothing is working on a smartphone. The company confirmed as much a while ago, and more recently, they also confirmed that the official launch will be taking place on the 12th of July.
At this point, not much is known about the handset. Rumors have suggested that the phone could offer 45W fast charging, but other than that, no one really knows what the phone could look like. Now it looks like Nothing has decided to share a teaser on its Twitter account with a photo of a pair of birds sitting perched on top of a phone.

Curious? So are they. pic.twitter.com/7jOVNEGRhu

— Nothing (@nothing) June 13, 2022

The teaser image doesn’t really show us much of the phone except for the tiniest portion of the upper back portion of the handset. We can see part of a camera and there’s a mysterious piece sitting in the middle which we can’t really make out, but presumably it is part of the design.

It’s hard to tell how many cameras the phone could be packing, but given what we’ve seen from phones these days, it will at the very least be packing a dual camera setup, if not a triple setup. In any case, it is pretty exciting to see a new entrant to the smartphone market which is admittedly rather saturated.

But seeing as Nothing was formed by former OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, it’s safe to say that many are excited to see what his new company is bringing to the table, so check back with us next month for the official details.

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