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Tech News One UI tip: Get the best audio quality for your ears with Adapt Sound


Samsung’s Galaxy wireless earbuds are some of the best on the market, and now that we live in the era of USB-C and no 3.5mm headphone ports, they’ve become even more popular. But regardless of what type of headphones you might be using with your Samsung mobile device, did you know that you can achieve higher audio quality through a One UI feature called Adapt Sound?

Adapt Sound is an accessibility feature that can help you tailor the audio experience delivered by your Samsung mobile device based on your hearing.

Not everyone hears things the same. The way we perceive sound differs by our age and other factors, and One UI’s Adapt Sound tries to determine which frequencies to boost or tone down to give you the best audio experience. Adapt Sound applies for phone calls or when you’re listening to music, watching movies, or playing other media files.

How to set up Adapt Sound in One UI​

To enable Adapt Sound, first open the Settings app on your Galaxy device. Then, go to “Accessibility” and tap “Hearing enhancements.” Tap “Adapt sound” and choose one of the available presets or tap “Test my hearing” to create a custom audio profile.

Note that you can only take the hearing test and enable Adapt Sound when you have headphones connected to your Galaxy device.

You can choose to adapt your sound for calls only or for media and phone calls. The test consists of a series of beeps that will alternate between the left and right earbuds / headphones.

Make sure you perform the test in a quiet environment and answer “Yes” or “No” whenever you hear or don’t hear the beeps. Once the test is completed, a new custom audio profile based on your hearing will be created and applied.

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