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Sen. Ossoff says government is about making public policy without drama, except it's filled with drama

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Democrat Sen. Jon Ossoff clearly hasn't taken a look at politics lately. His recent statement about government proves he's just out there saying things and clearly not even paying attention.Sen. Jon Ossoff said, "The American people don't want government to look like pro wrestling. This is not about entertainment. This is about making good public policy without drama."Uh, sir, have you even taken a look at politics and government lately? We have a divided government who spends more time shaming each other on Twitter, spitting out one-liners on TV, and taking FOREVER to come to agreement on relief bills to serve the American people FIRST.This government has become worse than a wrestling show or reality TV. It's ridiculous!!Jon Ossoff needs to WAKE UP and SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!

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