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Horrible Parenting! Moms jump on school bus and help start fight

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If you ever wondered why so many dads in the hood leave the family, then it's time that we have a serious talk about the behavior of some of the moms. Here's a group of women going ON a school bus and literally FIGHTING people. These are kids!!! The poor bus driver can't do anything about it because she's outnumbered, but she's still there in the middle of it trying to get it to stop. The women who literally ransacked this bus belong in prison. They don't deserve to have these kids. The kids deserve way better than this nonsense. Now anytime someone shuns the fathers for leaving, just look at the piece of crap mom first - nine outta ten times, she's probably like this, and you really can't blame the guy after seeing videos like this. And unfortunately, in the court system, the moms get favored over the father, even if the mom is often a piece of shit like the ladies in this video.

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