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Sony PlayStation 5’s first major update brings USB storage support for PS5 games


Sony has announced the first major update for the PlayStation 5, marking it ready for release. Customers around the world will get access starting tomorrow, April 14th. The new update’s highlight feature is the ability to store PS5 games on an external USB hard drive. Other features that will be available with the update include new social features as well as personalization options.

Ever since the release of the console, users were only limited to the 825GB internal SSD. With the upcoming update, users will be able to copy PS5 games from the internal storage to a compatible external USB drive. Having said that, since PS5 games take advantage of the built-in fast SSD, one will not be able to play or even directly download a PS5 game to an external hard drive. This means that the feature only lets you store PS5 games elsewhere as a backup, opening up the possibility of freeing up some space on the internal SSD.

Sony PS5 transfer game to external hard disk

Sadly, the new update does not unlock support for the user-accessible secondary M.2 SSD slot. Sony says in its blog post, “As previously announced, the PS5 console will support storage expansion via M.2 drives in the future. We’re currently working on this feature and will keep you posted with any updates on PlayStation Blog.

The new PS5 April update will also come with some new social features like cross-generation Share Play. This means PS5 and PS4 console users can let their friends try out PS5 games by sharing their screen and passing their controller virtually or passing a second controller virtually to play co-op games together. Both the PS5 and PS4 will now have a ‘Request to Join’ option serving as a shortcut to quickly hop into a game with your friends. There are also some improvements to the PlayStation UI, with changes to Game Base that makes chatting with Parties and Friends easier and the ability to disable game chat or adjust players’ volume faster than before. Users can also customize their game library with the ability to search or hide games from view and the option to adjust screen zoom in the Settings menu.

The update also brings pre-download for game updates which will let some title updates for games pre-download if your console is set to receive automatic updates. Of course, this feature will only be available once developers enable it. Lastly, there are some visual changes to the Trophy settings and stats screen.

Sony PS app update

Sony also mentions that the PlayStation App will also be improved in the coming weeks offering better functionality. Expect features like the ability to join a multiplayer session on PS5, manage your PS5 console storage, compare trophy collections with friends, and sort and filter products shown in the PlayStation Store.

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