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Working From Home can be Rough on your Body. Urikar Pro 3 Is Your Best Solution.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of us have found ourselves spending more time in front of a computer. This can lead to sore joints, stress, fatigue, and all other sorts of unhealthy issues. If you’ve found yourself in need of a good massage, you can use the Urikar massage gun Pro 3 to get a deep tissue massage, safely from your own home. This powerful massage gun can target hard-to-reach areas as you take advantage of the multiple attachments and powerful motor.

Urikar has been making high-quality massage products for a while, and the Pro 3 model is one of the best percussive massage guns on the market. This is power-driven device that uses percussive therapy with a brushless motor to deliver up to 45lbs of no-stall force, 14mm amplitude, and speeds of up to 3400 percussions per minute. Urikar Pro 3 comes with a rechargeable 2600mAh lithium battery that provides up to 600 minutes of sustained use once fully charged. Use the many different features of this Urikar massage gun to give the best massage ever, and effortlessly reach your back with the 180° rotating arm. You’ll be able to use the Urikar Pro 3 without making too much noise, thanks to the 42dB ultra-low noise level. This makes it quieter and more powerful than every other brand, like theragun.

Urikar Pro 3

To test the different massage types that you can get from the Urikar Pro 3, they used the product on a soda bottle to show you how it works. You can check out this demonstration in the video below.

Pro 3 provides 30 speed levels ranging between 1800-3400rpm.And it’s easy to control the speed settings on the Urikar Pro 3 using the LCD touch screen. You’ll be able to switch up your massage routine using the different interchangeable massage heads.

It’s easy to control all of the different settings on the Urikar Pro 3 using the HD LCD touch-sensitive screen. You’ll be able to switch up your massage routine using the different interchangeable massage heads.

  • Air Plug Head: Suitable for massaging bones and sensitive areas.
  • Ball Head: Suitable for massaging the arms, thighs, calves, and other large muscle groups.
  • Shovel Head: Suitable for back, cervical, and lumbar massage.
  • Bullet Head: Suitable for impacting deep tissues such as the meridians, joints, palms, and soles.
  • Flat Head: Suitable for relaxing and shaping different muscle groups.
  • U-Shaped Head: Suitable for massaging the neck and both sides of the spine, as well as the Achilles tendon.

Urikar Pro 3

Cleaning your Urikar Pro 3 is simple thanks to the minimalist design. The handle is a soft silicone rubber that makes it ultra-comfortable to hold when the motor is on. With no crevices or holes in the design of the product, you can wipe it down and keep it clean without any issues.

Urikar creates many high-quality massage guns in addition to the Pro 3. The Urikar Pro 2 is another entry in their product line-up, which is for people that want a heated massage gun. Using the 3+1 smart modes, you can choose between Continuous, Intermittent, or Ladder mode. You’ll also find the 180° rotating arm, eight separate attachments, and a 65W motor.

To learn more about Urikar products, visit their website below.

Urikar Website

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