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Apple’s next Apple TV will reportedly feature built-in speaker and camera


Apple hasn’t introduced a new Apple TV since 2017, but a new report claims that’s set to change. However, the device won’t be a simple set-top box; Apple is aiming to introduce a smart home product unlike anything it’s introduced before.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is developing a new TV accessory that will be an Apple TV, FaceTime camera, and HomePod speaker rolled into one. Apple allegedly wants the device to fill a roll that competitors like Google and Amazon have yet to address. An all-in-one Apple TV could become the hub of living rooms across the world, performing different tasks depending on your needs.

What’s unclear is what the device will look like. A more traditional soundbar design seems to make the most sense, but Apple would need to figure out where to put the camera. The device will have to feature a versatile design while seamlessly fitting into current home setups. The new all-in-one Apple TV could be separate from another Apple TV with support for 120Hz refresh rate content and a redesigned remote control.

In addition to a new all-in-one Apple TV, Bloomberg reports the Cupertino company is also developing a smart display. The device would be similar to Google’s Nest Hub and Amazon’s Echo show, and offer easy access to services like Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness Plus, and more. It would also offer FaceTime support, allowing users to video chat with iPhone and iPad owners.

Apple’s new lineup of smart home devices could provide a spark for the company to become more competitive in a space where it lags behind Google and Amazon. Apple recently discontinued its high-end HomePod, but has seen more success with the more affordable HomePod mini. The company seemingly sees a route toward the home with devices that perform more functions than simply play music.

Bloomberg notes, however, that both rumored devices are currently in the early stages of development and may not see the light of day. Apple is set to hold WWDC at the beginning of June, so we’ll see if the company shares any information then.

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

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