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Crowd destroys cop car after officer-involved shooting in Minneapolis

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People in Minneapolis are going buck-wild and destroying cop cars, looting stores, and causing chaos after a police officer was involved in the shooting of a black man. The officer says the shooting was accidental and that he meant to use his taser, but accidentally grabbed the wrong item and fired a single bullet at a man. The officer is now on leave, as stated by BBC.Tear gas has been fired and a curfew imposed amid angry protests after police fatally shot a black man in a traffic stop in the US city of Brooklyn Center, just north of Minneapolis.The man has been identified by relatives as 20-year-old Daunte Wright.Police Chief Tim Gannon has told media the shooting was accidental."It is my belief the officer meant to deploy their Taser but shot him with a single bullet," he said on Monday morning.The officer is now on administrative leave while an investigation is carried out.Brooklyn Center's mayor issued a curfew that lasted until 06:00 (11:00 GMT), telling people to "be safe, go home".Tensions in Minneapolis are high as the trial of a former officer accused of killing George Floyd takes place.This could get insane!

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