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Google Lens comes to Google Photos on desktop with OCR for images


Google Lens, Google’s AI-powered image recognition service, is leaving the mobile bubble and is finally making its way to the desktop.

As spotted by 9to5Google, Google Lens is now available on desktop inside the Google Photos’ web version. At the moment, the Google Lens only allows you to copy texts from an image through optical character recognition (OCR). When you go to Google Photos on desktop and open an image that contains text, you’ll see a “ Copy text from image” suggestion with the Google Lens logo appear in the top left corner. Clicking this button will initiate the image analysis with familiar pulsating dot animation that we see on Android. Once the analysis is finished, all text content will be displayed in a window on the right side. The text is selected by default with the “Copy text” button right above it to help you quickly copy important stuff from the image. You can also select/deselect all text or select specific parts from the results.

Google Lens with OCR in Google Photos web version Google Lens pulsating animation Google Lens on desktop with floating copy text button Google Lens on desktop with OCR

As mentioned above, Google Lens offers very limited functionality on desktop right now. It doesn’t yet help you recognize people, monuments, plants, and so on the way the mobile service does. You can only extract and copy text from an image. Nonetheless, it’s a big step forward for a service that was so far exclusive to Android phones. Google will likely be expanding its capabilities with new feature additions over time.

Google Lens with OCR is rolling out widely on the desktop, according to 9to5Google. However, it wasn’t available for me at the time of writing this article. If you’re interested in trying out Google Lens on your PC or just want to check if it’s available for you, go to photos.google.com and try opening an image that has some text content. It’s worth noting Google Photos on Android already supports OCR capability for conveniently copying text from images.

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