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Biden's Border Czar stepping down, was previously slammed by Tucker Carlson

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President Joe Biden's border czar, Roberta Jacobson, has announced she is stepping down from her job at the end of the month. It caught many people off-guard, but Biden's administration claims it was "pre-planned" as reported by The Hill. She's leaving in the midst of a border disaster in which March showed the largest number of border crossings in 15 years. So much for being a leader! Fox News host Tucker Carlson was slamming Jacobson before on her job and how she was doing. Maybe he was right all along!The Hill reported the details of her planned departure:Roberta Jacobson, the White House’s southern border czar, will step down from her post at the end of the month in a surprising move but one the administration said was pre-planned.Jacobson, who was U.S. ambassador to Mexico under former President Obama, agreed to join the administration as a border coordinator for President Biden’s first 100 days in office, a period ending later this month. What's the point of staying there for 100 days?“Ambassador Roberta Jacobson’s leadership in serving as the Special Assistant to the President and Coordinator for the Southwest Border at the National Security Council has been an invaluable contribution to the Biden-Harris Administration and to the United States,” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said in a statement announcing her departure.Sullivan said Jacobson will leave her post “having shaped our relationship with Mexico as an equal partner, having launched our renewed efforts with the Northern Triangle nations of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, and having underscored this Administration’s commitment to reenergizing the U.S. immigration system.”Did her leadership contribute to the biggest number of border crossings in 15 years?But her exit comes as the administration grapples with historic levels of attempted border crossings and as the White House names new personnel, like Vice President Harris, to respond to the border surge.Yeah, no kidding. The southern border is a disaster right now and what's Kamala Harris even doing? Does she have any idea what to do? I doubt it.

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