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Liz Warren pushes canceling loan debt by pandering it with 'racial justice'

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren is pushing student loan debt cancellations by pandering it with typical leftist BS. She said, "Canceling student loan debt is a matter of justice, racial justice, economic justice and generational justice. Student loan debt is a big contributor to the racial wealth gap."Actually, student loans are about money and money doesn't care about racial justice or anything else. It's about money. Literally, that's it. Liz Warren doesn't need to pander this other nonsense with it. She could just say "we should cancel student debt and let people spend their money in other parts of the economy, like on small businesses, buying homes, etc." Saying something like that would get people interested. Bringing up all the social justice nonsense is just another reason why we laugh every time we hear the name Elizabeth Warren, because she's nothing but a joke.

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