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Tucker Carlson squares up with Governor of Arkansas on crucial veto

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson went toe for toe with Governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas after a crucial veto made the headlines in the news.The real news reported:On Tuesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson questioned Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson over his decision to veto a bill banning gender-transition surgery for minors in the state.This comes after the Arkansas legislature voted to override Gov. Hutchinson’s veto of the ‘SAFE Act’ bill that bans the youth gender surgeries. Carlson began the interview by saying, “I think of you as a conservative. Here you have come out publicly as pro-choice on the question of chemical castration of children. What changed?”Hutchinson immediately disagreed with Carlson's description of the bill.In the interview, Carlson told Hutchinson that he clearly was not familiar with research on the bill.Hutchinson stated that the bill, the first of its kind to be passed in the country, is “overbroad” and “extreme.” He said that the bill "invokes the state" in medical decisions.“I’m a person of faith, but at the same time, I'm a person of limited role of government. I sign pro-life bills, I signed many bills that would be looked at as very conservative, but this is one that crosses the line. There's no need for it," Hutchinson said.Gov. Hutchinson is barred by term limits from seeking reelection in 2022.Dude, no kid should ever be given a surgery that impacts their gender. I don't even think we are fully mature as adults until we're in our thirties and can finally start to fully understand how this world really works and even remotely begin to grasp the concept of everything.That's coming from someone who spent their 20's binge drinking and taking home so many girls from the bar who would be a 5 by today's standards - but a solid 7 back then! LOLThere is no way, in my opinion, that today's kids can possibly make these decisions. I don't even think people should vote until they're 35. Young people are easily manipulated and it's not until we're out of that youthful era that we really settle down and think for ourselves and grasp the concept of this place.These are decisions people should make for themselves when they are old enough and can legally and financially do things on their own.

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