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Shannon Sharpe: It shouldn’t be harder to vote than to get a gun

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Here's a good example of why sports and entertainment people should stick to sports and entertainment and not mix their niche with politics. Shannon Sharpe, an all-pro tight end and now sports host/analyst was talking about some recent issues with politics, notably the thing with MLB and how they moved the all-star game for a stupid reason, and Sharpe posted this on his Twitter post: "It shouldn’t be harder to vote than to get a gun."And my reaction/opinion of this is that Shannon Sharpe is a jackoff. For example, when I went to vote, I just walked up, stood in line for ten minutes, and then voted and went home. Before that, I applied for the voter registration, which took like 2 minutes to fill out and send away. It comes back in the mail and that's it.If I wanted to get a gun, I'd need a background check, more paperwork, and whatever else it requires.Voting took literally no effort, they didn't even check my ID, and there was no background check on me voting. I couldn't believe they didn't check my ID. They just asked who I was and made sure I was on their little book of names.Also, if I really wanted to, I could've voted by mail. I can't buy a gun through the mail.In my opinion, voting is a hell of a lot easier than getting a gun.We shouldn't even compare the two things because they are not even remotely the same process or anything. It's a stupid argument made by people who can't think of anything legitimate to say.

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