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Family removed from Spirit Airlines flight over unmasked toddler

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Here's a story that allegedly happened on a Spirit Airlines flight. It looks like more than just the family was removed.Yossi Gestetner reported the following on Twitter: VIDEO: @SpiritAirlines staffer tells pregnant Mom that her young child needs to put on a mask despite eating or else police will be called. NOTE that the video shows the early moments of this incident, so @SpiritAirlines can’t pull here a he/she said. More of the @SpiritAirlines incident. FYI, following the @FlyFrontier incident a few weeks back, @FAANews sent warning letters to passengers who at the time were not even accused of not wearing masks that they were in violation of the mask rule. Letter can’r even be appealed!Everyone was ordered off @SpiritAirlines following the “incident” with the child. Parents have with them a 7 year old special needs child. @PeteButtigieg should get the FAA to investigate these things rather than the FAA enabling airliners to be abusive.

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