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Fox News weatherman corrects Pete Hegseth on origin of the weird 'Satan Shoes'

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It's not a good thing to be corrected while live on the air, especially if it's a random weatherman doing it. Those "Satan shoes" are quite weird, but they're a gimmick made by someone who just wanted to get some press. Musicians do weird stuff all the time. Look at Lady Gaga for example. Those shoes were also not made by Nike. They are Nike shoes that someone bought and then redesigned on their own, so the weatherman is correct. Anyone can buy a pair of shoes and redesign them at home, that's all this is. Either way, Pete Hegseth apparently didn't figure that out.From the source:A Fox News weatherman corrected host Pete Hegseth for misconstruing the origins of rapper Lil Nas X's satan-themed shoes.During a segment on Sunday's episode of "Fox & Friends," Hegseth claimed the shoes, which feature a pentagram and a drop of human blood, were created and sold by Nike."So you can't have the Betsy Ross flag but you can have Nike-made Satan shoes," Hegseth said, "that's a real thing."Hegseth also pointed out that the drop is set to include 666 individually number shoes before Fox's Meteorologist, Adam Klotz, appeared on the screen."I was going to dodge this," Klotz said. "They're not really Nike-made shoes. There's a middle-man who bought Nike shoes and turned them into this... I'm positive about that."Who the heck is Pete Hegseth anyway? Sounds irrelevant.

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