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Google Pay app promotion offers $30 reward as part of “Spring Challenge”


How would you like to make $30? That’s enough for a hearty meal, or maybe even a tank of gas, so pay attention to this newest promotion from the Google Pay app.

Beginning April 12, Google Pay users in the U.S. can participate in a “Spring Challenge,” which is designed to educate users on the new Google Pay app. If you perform certain actions in the challenge, you’ll earn a “stamp.” Once you earn five stamps you’ll get $30 deposited into your Google Pay balance.


Simple, right? Some of the challenges include using tap-to-pay at a business, sending a payment to a friend, and more. 9to5Google says certain challenges can only earn stamps once a day, but other actions can occur multiple times per day. Trivia pop-ups and sharing invites to Google Pay will also get you stamps.

The Spring Challenge takes a new approach to educating people on the redesigned Google Pay app, a first app of its kind to launch in the US that unifies payments, cashback savings, and financial insights all in one place. This in-app challenge gives people the chance to earn stamps by completing everyday transactions; for example, paying a friend, or using tap-and-pay to make purchases. Once all five stamps are collected, Google Pay users will receive a $30 cashback reward to their Google Pay balance, while the offer lasts.

Google unveiled a complete revamped Pay app at the end of last year, introducing a brand new design, rewards, and more. It was first available in early access but was recently rolled out as a stable release. As a result, the old Google Pay app is effectively being killed off.

The Google Pay “Spring Challenge” kicks off on April 12 and will continue until April 22. For now, the promotion is taking place in the U.S. and is available on Android and iOS.

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