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Protester tries climbing Chase Bank, learns hard lesson on Gravity

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Some protester activist guy was climbing up Chase Bank in Manhattan when he learned how gravity works. He fell HARD to the concrete and it looks like he landed on his paint because stuff started leaking out of two spots. It's definitely not blood, but not confirmed to be paint either. However, paint makes sense. Either way, that dude went SPLAT!The real news reported:Anti-capitalism protesters descended on Manhattan Friday – and video captured one scaling up the front of a Chase Bank before taking an epic plunge to the ground.Footage taken by FreedomNews.TV and posted to Twitter shows a demonstrator climbing up the bank building on Madison Avenue between East 46th and 47th streets as drum beats and chants are heard as well as a man shouting for the protester to “get down!”Another protester is seen defacing the building with spray paint as the other demonstrator continues to make his way up shortly before 5 p.m.The climbing protester suddenly lost his grip and plummeted down to the sidewalk, the video shows.It's like this guy took one climbing session in gym class in 8th grade and all of a sudden thinks he's Spider-Man. Nah, bruh. You ain't Spider-Man!Video credit: Scootercaster on Twitter. Follow them!

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