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Pete Buttigieg busted taking bike out of SUV before riding to meeting

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Biden's transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg was busted taking a bike out of an SUV and hopping on to ride it to a Cabinet meeting. This is clearly a botched photo-op from an environmentalist perspective.What was the plan here? Was it like this - OK, park this big ass SUV down the street and we'll just ride the bike for a little bit before the meeting. I bet they didn't realize someone saw this happening and recorded it on camera.I always thought politicians were a bunch of phony fake people, but this is just more proof that they are dirty rotten scoundrels.It's time for Americans to be united together against these frauds.The Blaze reported on this, saying:The secretary — who has been leading the charge on the Biden administration's efforts to battle climate change — likely wanted to showcase his efforts to arrive at the White House meeting in a climate-friendly way. Only he was caught by CNN reporter DJ Judd unloading the bike from a gas-guzzling SUV just moments before."Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg biked to the White House for today's Cabinet Meeting, it would appear," wrote Judd, who covered Buttigieg in Iowa and Georgia during the 2020 Democratic primary, in a caption for the video.A longer version of the video posted by WFMZ-TV clearly shows security personnel unloading the bike off a bike rack situated on the back of the SUV. After that, the former Democratic presidential candidate mounts the bike and appears to wait until several security agents' SUVs are ready to escort him. Then he takes off with the vehicles following closely behind. Mayor Pete, the dog and pony show.

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