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Samsung’s new 5G radio tech improves efficiency in mid-band spectrum


Samsung has announced that its new 5G wideband radio technology expands the bandwidth and helps carriers deploy cost-effective and flexible 5G networks. This new technology extends the bandwidth support of its 5G radios to 400MHz (double the 200MHz bandwidth of current radios).

With the increased bandwidth, cellular operators can utilize their existing mid-band spectrum to the maximum while using less hardware. Mobile operators would require fewer radios to manage their existing network while improving the data capacity. The new technology also helps in scenarios where an operator owns non-contiguous frequencies in the mid-band 5G spectrum or when the spectrum is shared with other operators.

Mid-band 5G technologies offer a balanced approach with low latency, high speeds, and wider coverage, and Samsung Networks’ new radio technology can help operators in improving the rollout of 5G networks in the mid-band spectrum. The company’s Massive MIMO radios will be available early next year, offering operators a more profitable setup.

Dong Geun Lee, Vice President and Head of H/W R&D Group, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics, said, “We are proud to develop new solutions that can help operators drive deployment efficiency by minimizing hardware changes and reducing installation costs—even as they expand their spectrum range. Through our technical expertise and industry-leading 5G capabilities, we’re excited to continue delivering innovative 5G solutions that will bring more benefits to operators and their customers.”

Samsung makes end-to-end 5G products, including the core, chipsets, radios, 5G vRAN, and even 5G smartphones. The company’s new 5G technologies improve the performance and efficiency of 5G networks, helping carriers in deploying more flexible and cost-effective networks.

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