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Mitch McConnell babbles about national debt and infrastructure

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Mitch McConnell said "You're either alarmed about the level of national debt and the future impact of that on our children and grandchildren, or you aren't. My view about infrastructure is we ought to build that which we can afford."Either way, Mitch McConnell is one of the people I never listen to. I don't care about anything he says. I don't care about him as a person. I hope he resigns because I think he's just a useless old man wasting time in politics and should let someone smarter take the helm. After watching his nonsense all of last year, I think it's only right that he spend his remaining time in politics just shutting up and not babbling anymore. But if you like the guy, then he's talking about. Great job Mitch. You really earned your paycheck on this one.

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