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Marjorie Taylor-Greene doing bizarre pull-ups causes Internet meltdown

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Here is Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene doing some wack-job pull-ups and it looks like she's going into convulsions. WTF is she doing? She shared this video and the Internet went into full meltdown mode with tons of people commenting on her video, including me who is just flabbergasted that she literally posted this awful video. If I saw her doing this in a public gym, I'd probably call the ambulance because I'd think she was having a stroke or something.Nothing was worse than when someone told you they did crossfit and you were like "NO ONE CARES THAT YOU DO CROSSFIT" and now we see Marjorie Taylor-Greene posting videos like this, and I really won't ever care about crossfit. And by the way, MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE POSTED THIS VIDEO HERSELF!!! At least learn how to do a pull-up the right way!

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