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Biden 'Strongly Supports' moving MLB All-Star game out of Atlanta

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President Joe Biden strongly supports moving the MLB All-star game out of Atlanta over recent Georgia laws. He refers to the GA laws as "Jim Crow on steroids."For starters, when did we ever give a crap what a president says about the baseball All-star game? Look Joe, if you're not there to throw out the first pitch, then shut up about sports.We don't need an all-star game moved because of politics. This is absolutely stupid if you ask me, and I know you're asking me! The MLB better get their act together too.CBS News added:Mr. Biden's statement came as a backlash against the new limits grew. Some of Georgia's most prominent corporate leaders began to more forcefully criticize the sweeping new law Wednesday, acknowledging concerns of civil rights activists, Black clergymen and Black business executives who say the measure targets non-white voters and threatens the democratic process.The chief executives of Delta and Coca-Cola pivoted from earlier, more equivocal statements and called the law "unacceptable," opening an unusual rift with Republican leaders who championed the legislation and typically enjoy a cozy relationship with the state's business community.

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