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April 2021 security update rollout reaches Galaxy Tab S6


The April 2021 security update started rolling out to Samsung devices over the last 24 hours, with the Galaxy Tab S6 being the latest to join the fold. The newest over-the-air package targeting the 2019 slate has been designated as the release version T865XXU4CUC1. Its staged deployment began yesterday in Germany and more countries are expected to follow shortly.

While only the SIM-enabled version of the Galaxy Tab S6 (SM-T865) has started making the jump to a new security patch level so far, the Wi-Fi model (SM-T860) shouldn’t be far behind. Monthly firmware upgrades for Samsung’s Android devices tend to be deployed gradually so as to minimize their impact on network performance.

What’s new in this release?​

With that in mind, the deliberate fashion wherein the April 2021 security patch started rolling out to the Galaxy Tab S6 might indicate that this particular device remains relatively popular, i.e., a common sight among consumers. What’s certain is that Samsung keeps it updated in a orderly fashion; despite releasing less than 18 months ago, the Galaxy Tab S6 already received two major operating system upgrades and is running Android 11 nowadays. It was also encompassed in Samsung’s promise of three generations’ worth of operating system upgrades, so there’s more where that came from.

Today’s release also appears to contain some additional performance and stability improvements on top of the security patches. To check whether your Galaxy Tab S6 can already install the April 2021 security patch, navigate to the system Settings app, scroll down to the bottom where you’ll see a Software update submenu, and try initializing the Download and install option on the following screen. Our firmware archives already have some full system images containing the new update up for download, as well.

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